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We provide clear and concise materials to comfort and support hospice patients, families and caregivers through the dying process. We explain simply and gently what happens as the body dies, and what caregivers can do to comfort a dying loved one. And, we show how caregivers can acknowledge and alleviate their own feelings of grief and loss.

Sacred Vigil Press features booklets which give caregivers for hospice patients, or those with life limiting illnesses, the knowledge and information to provide end of life care for a dying loved one. The booklets have been written by an experienced hospice social worker, Marty Hogan, and describe the stages of death, the death process itself, and what patients and caregivers can do to prepare for approaching death.

Marty’s booklets are quickly becoming the preferred resource for hospice patients and their caregivers and families. “If I Should Die…The Dying Process” is used by hospices throughout the country to clearly and simply tell patients and families about the stages of dying, the stages of death and what the caregiver can do to help provide comfort and support.

“Anticipatory Grief” helps caregivers deal with conflicting emotions relating to feelings of loss and bereavement as their loved one passes through the process of dying. It is intended for hospice caregivers who may be experiencing feelings of grief even before the death of their loved one.The booklet offers practical ways to cope with these painful, confusing feelings.

“Final Business” provides financial information specifically tailored to persons and families making end of life decisions in organizing personal, financial and business affairs before and following the death. It offers practical information and resources regarding the Will, Durable Power of Attorney, personal records, funeral planning, veterans burial and survivor benefits, Social Security benefits life insurance, death certificates, bank accounts and much more.

Caregivers tell us that the booklets help them feel more confident and prepared to provide competent and compassionate care for their loved one as death approaches. Hospice professionals tell us that Marty’s booklets are valuable resources that help to comfort the dying person, inform caregivers about the stages of the dying process and reduce the patient’s fear of dying.

The booklets are written to gently, simply and clearly address the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of dying. They address important end-of-life topics such as how to initiate meaningful conversations about dying, how to take care of personal and business affairs, how to cope with anticipatory grief, how to offer vigil to the dying person and how to conduct life reviews.

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