“Integrating Death into Dying”

This is the title of an upcoming conference in Bournemouth, England hosted by Lewis-Manning Hospice.  It has a very interesting quote from Stephen Nimmo:

“So much control is lost by the patient because of their illness, but some of that control can be regained by offering the chance to discuss funeral arrangements, legal matters and other related issues. For the family, great comfort can be drawn from knowing they are carrying out the wishes of their loved one, and this can only be beneficial.”

This is precisely what I have seen in the population of hospice patients that I have been privileged to serve. I have tried to address these issues, from the point of view of the American system of agencies and benefits available to assist dying persons and their families, in one of my recent publications.  That booklet is “Final Business” and it can be ordered here on the Sacred Vigil Press website.